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Partial Solar Eclipse on 12. October 1996

The partial solar eclipse in the afternoon on October 12, 1996 was visible from Dreieich-Dreieichenhain, Germany having good eclipse observation conditions. Only parts of the time some high cirrus clouds created a strong light dispersion near the sun. So sometimes the sun crescent could not distinguish well from the background. The projection method used to project the sun crescent everywhere you like worked surprisingly well. During the eclipse maximum surrounding birds went much more silent. These minutes you could feel a breath of a strange subduedness, which filled the yellow October sun lighted surroundings. How would it be at a total solar eclipse? Three other years to go to 1999, when sun's totality would come over Germany.

Partial Solar Eclipse 1996

Partial Solar Eclipse on 12. October 1996

The picture shows the partial solar eclipse, captured with an Olympus OM2 through a Revue refractor (f=910mm, D=60mm), 1/1000 second exposed on Fuji100 negative film.

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