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eclipseland photo editionExperience the beauty and brilliance of solar and lunar eclipses, rare astronomical events and constellations. Dive into the depths of sky with pictures of the eclipseland photo edition!

I captured the astronomical events not only above home Rhine Main area in Germany, but also travelled to distant countries.  So these images were taken e.g. in Zimbabwe, at the Kruger National Park (South Africa), China and in Central America.

In my experience reports stories, impressions and backgrounds, how these pictures have been created and further pictures of the journeys and observation sites can be found.

Sun, Moon and stars continuously provide new astronomical views and eclipses. This gallery increases permanently. Brandnew my pictures are published as photos and videos first on AstroNation.

Stephan Heinsius.


C0084-072 Mondaufgang über dem Dietzenbacher Wald

B009-451 Komet Panstarrs über dem Flughafen

B009-459 Komet Panstarrs und Andromeda Galaxie

B009-745 Mondaufgang über dem Dietzenbacher Wald

Venus over Wiesbaden
In the evening of 24. March 2009 suddenly and unexpectedly it cleared in the west after rain showers

Fire Tale
Shortly before landing on Frankfurt/Main International Airport a Boeing 737 aircraft  flies thr

Kurz vor der Landung auf dem Frankfurter Flughafen durchfliegen die ankommenden Flugzeuge den Bereic

Moon Flight 2002
The course of the easter full moon crosses with the route of planes approaching Frankfurt/Main airpo


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