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Total Solar Eclipse 600 miles off Bermuda - Pre-Eclipse Information Log

composite photo by Dirk Ewers

We are an international group of eclipse chasers looking forward to view the total eclipse on November 3rd 2013 from a chartered Falcon 900B jet going for the eclipse from Bermuda island at early e-day morning.

We are heading for a region 1000 km southeast of Bermuda to cross the umbra with approx. 10 seconds (limb corrected approx. 7 seconds) of totality and the eclipse ca. 14 degrees above the horizon. Total flight duration is approx. 3 hrs. The aircraft will cross the umbra approx. 10 seconds before it reaches the ocean below us, i.e. after 3rd contact we could see the oval shadow of the moon vanishing towards a growing solar crescent near the horizon!

With a limb corrected total eclipse duration of approx. 7 seconds the display of flashing baily's beads (multi-diamond ring) together with a pink, circumferential chromosphere around the moon in clear, pristine skies will truly be an incomparable sight.

And if the weather allows a very special view could be to see the shape of the umbra surrounded by sunlight reflected on the surface of the ocean (to be verified).


Private Eclipse Flight from Bermuda on 3rd November 2013

An exiting eclipse trip initiated and coordinated by Dirk Ewers and Stephan Heinsius

Project Planning, Financials and Communication: Stephan Heinsius

Flight Planning, Aviation Coordination and Media: Dirk Ewers

Navigational Support and Flight Simulation: Xavier Jubier


We use the eclipseland communication channels for this eclipse project:

For updates follow us on twitter @eclipseland or like us on facebook:


Further information in German can be found on Dirk Ewers' site:


Umbra intercept simulation

provided by Xavier Jubier

The Falcon is waiting for e-flight 2013

Photo: Longtail Aviation


2. October 2013: This is our schedule for e-day (evtl. to be updated based on final flight plan):

UT local time activity min
06:00 02:00 Time change in Bermuda (return clock at 3:00 old time to 2:00 new time)  
08:45 04:45 Welcome and Boarding, Route Update FMS 15
09:00 05:00 Group briefing (eclipse preparation and announcement of final flight route) 30
09:30 05:30 Close door 15
09:45 05:45 Take off 68
10:53 06:53 Begin of Totality Run: sun-azimuth + 90 degrees 15
11:08 07:08 Total Eclipse (Checkpoint: Cabin lights are out for total eclipse 10:50) 5
11:13 07:13 End of Totality Run: Return Course to Bermuda 82
12:35 08:35 ca. Landing in Bermuda 10
12:45 08:45 ca. Open door 10
12:55 08:55 Group photo with crew in front of the plane 35
13:30 09:30 Get together / breakfast (Group & Crew) 90
15:00 11:00 Farewell  


5. September 2013: Our discussion regarding the flight routes lead to a prefer the option to intercept the eclipse at 11:08 UT. Now we are going to detail the 11:08 route and a backup option.

Preliminary flight routes

The final detailed route will be defined with flight plan considering weather forecasts about one hour before take off.

Thanks Xavier Jubier and Glenn Schneider for their inputs at our route discussions and for navigational support.

Seat availability:

For people who did not contact us yet currently there are no more seats available. A waiting list has been opened. Price range for seats is $1000 up to $3300 per person. Please note that we are a group of private people with no commercial interests and looking for others to join us at this once-in-a-lifetime eclipse trip.

If interested please contact us via the eclipseland contact form (in the menu to the left "Kontakt Formular" / "Contact").

Kind regards,

Stephan Heinsius & Dirk Ewers

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